Richmond's Belle Magazine Feature

Richmond's Belle Magazine published a nice feature in their June 2010 issue covering the move back down to my southern roots, working remotely for Etsy, and my love of jewelry making.

It was a treat working with the Belle writers and photographers on the feature, just click the images above to expand and read.
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  1. Welcome back home! Our state just acquired a little more artistic flair!

  2. Mary, that's awesome. Congrats! I love the way they styled your photo, but I'm sure you had something to do with that!


  3. Hello MAry,congrats o your feauture! what a lovely interview! and i love your boots:))

  4. Thanks for the support. Ha, I did have the idea to create an outdoor room for the shot. Still working on my personal studio indoors after the move...I'm sure you can relate!


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