Hanging with Yuri from Lookbook.nu

This past Thursday I was lucky enough to host the Shop Live event in Etsy's Virtual Labs that featured Yuri, the creator of my favorite new site, Lookbook.nu. Lookbook is one part fashion, one part community and one part voyeur. Members can upload their fashion looks and show off their style and anyone can comment on the photos. Yuri was available on webcam talking about her own fashion inspirations and using Etsy items to show off her style. It was a good time and great to meet her.

The up and downside to the site is that it's invite only. So...if you need an invite just leave a comment and I'll send you one so you too can get started!

Every so often Etsy hosts a Shop Live event featuring an up and comer or well known person in the industry. You can read about the past events that have taken place here, and keep up with new events by following this schedule.
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  1. i was looking at your etsy site and it says you're back in richmond. is that correct? i really like following your blog btw.
    cousin jessica


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