An Americana Decor-lift

Finding myself here mid summer with Americana themed celebrations abound, I've given into the temptation of acquiring these couple little treasures for a bit of a nesting face lift of my own:

After stumbling across this great little site, farmhouse wares, it's been hard not to keep checking back to see what else they might have in store. I encourage you to partake in some hunting around, but be beware, you too just may fall in love.

I hope you are enjoying the extended weekend wherever you might be and whomever you might be sharing it with!
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  1. That aged, wooden organizer is amazing. I love mixing a little bit of rustic with a little bit of vintage.

    Seriously jealous over here!

    You have a fun blog; I'll keep checking back.

  2. Beautiful! I know, it's really hard not to like that style, even a little bit.


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