Now that's what I call a necklace...

I found this great necklace on Etsy after a coworker of mine ordered one and opened it up at the office...now that's some great marketing, hey? It was one of those moments where she tried it on and I was in love. It wasn't until after she told me she snagged it for under $40 that I scrambled to contact this seller to make a custom version just for me, swarovski scrystals and all:

And now I've finally got my own version. After wearing it to work today, I think I might have sold a couple more for this clever Etsy seller, ha! So....if you're thinking you need one too, go right ahead and contact featherandbean about making one for you. She doesn't have any listed in her shop right now, but she takes custom orders and even lets you choose your own color swarovski crystals.
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  1. That necklace is so cool! Thinking about it as a xmas gift this year.

  2. oh its so pretty! and your outfit is cute

  3. That's a very unique (& gorgeous) necklace!


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