New editions to pocket knife necklace line

I recently came across a nice little heap of pistol shaped pocket knives I've made into necklaces and incorporated into the pocket knife line I've got going on right now. Here's a glimpse into the finished pieces you'll find in the collection and keep your eyes on the shop for new styles to come.

In addition to the pistol gun knives, I made limited editions of motorcycle and silver mermaid versions. The mermaids flew out of the shop so quick I barely had time to talk about them here...such a great find. There are still 5 of the 6 motorcycle styles ready for the taking should the biker in you feel so inclined.

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  1. Those necklaces are too cool! I'd have to say my favorite is the mermaid knife. Very unique.

  2. Mary, these are awesome. Each one has such personality!


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