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If you've been following Rikrak Studio's 2010 Handmade Olympics, now is the time to head over and place your votes. I was kindly invited to judge event #6 last week. It gave me the chance to explore many familiar and new-to-me shops, blogs, and products. I found scores of new favorite Etsy shops, and added several blogs I hadn't come across to my daily blog reader. While narrowing down the nominations was a challenge, my final selections include destinations created and brought to you from people just like you and me who are carving out a difference in the world little by little, one person at a time. Each of the nominees I chose captured my attention, inspired me as a creative person, and left me wanting more; all qualities I admire. I hope each of you will now enjoy the voting process for these 10 thrifty-forward, sustainably-minded blogs, shops, and sites.

Head on over to event #6 for my final 10 choices in the "favourite thrifty-forward, sustainably-minded blog, shop, or site" and place a vote for your favourite. Find out more about the 2010 Handmade Olympics and check out the final voting rounds in each of the 8 events over at Rikrak Studio.

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