Love: Hunter Wellington Boots

I tend to fixate on certain finds I convince myself I need. A current preoccupation has been geared towards a pair of the original green Hunter wellington boots. This brand is made in the UK and has been a classic field staple since the 1850's when the first factory began production. I keep dreaming up imaginary "field situations" in which I'll need to wear them, hence saving the day.

Each of the looks above via Lookbook.nu.

Oh Hunter wellingtons, one of these days we'll be the best of old pals.
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  1. uh huh. i went through this fixation several months ago. bought a pair of green lace ups then found a vintage pair via etsy and felt like i won the lottery. get em. they're awesome.

  2. Love wellies! Did you see the limited edition jimmy choo crocodile wellington boots from last season ... I still pine for them!

  3. They are really cute!

    I love that photo on the right!!

  4. Jimmy Choo wellies, how could I have missed this!? Going to hunt for those now...

    Liane, I know the feeling and I couldn't agree more that you won the lottery with the vintage pair on Etsy. It's enough to find an incredible pair, but in your size too...that's a rare day.


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