Oxford Inspiration via Etsy

In tune with the menswear kick I've found myself touting, one particular element keeps teasing my fancy: the oxford. I'm enthralled with the diverse varieties and takes on this shoe style, especially the transitional appeal they seem to carry from one season to the next. Today's collection was inspired by the larger menswear Etsy Finds collection I curated over on Etsy's blog today.

Oxford Inspiration via Etsy
Tobacco field flats: huxleyrye
White oxfords art print: TheLightFantastic
Spring green oxfords: axandapple
Burgundy suede oxfords: MyGmasCloset
DKNY black oxfords: womyn
Brently Italian Oxfords: SkinandWood
Black and white oxfords: SnowJaneVintage
Olive green oxfords: GirlLeastLikely
The Hyde Park, New York oxfords: bopptybopshoppe
Brown suede and leather oxfords:margaretpearl
White leather wedges: bootmeister
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