Trendspotting: Over The Knee Stockings

Variations on the ideal length of socks and stockings seem to be forever changing from one whim to the next. The "just over the knee" look seems to be cropping up as the new sweet spot this season. Not quite a knee sock, not quite a thigh high, but just barely over the knee.

The sock inspired looks I found above are via Etsy and LookBook.nu.

LookBook.nu: White Knee Socks
LookBook.nu: Grey Vintage Socks
Pinstripe Socks: poppyswickedgarden
LookBook.nu: Navy buttons Socks
LookBook.nu: Plum Socks
Tattoo Socks: post
Silver Thigh High Leggings: BabooshkaBoutique
Neon Socks: bewakeful
LookBook.nu: Grey Knee Socks
Black Stem Socks: undertheroot
LookBook.nu: Red Bow Socks
Sock Garters: SWANclothing
LookBook.nu: Pointelle Black Socks
LookBook.nu: Black Bunny Socks
LookBook.nu: Sheer Heart Stockings
LookBook.nu: Black High Socks
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  1. they are just for me!!:) because i have a big scar on my knee (from my childhood:) )

  2. Sabahnur,

    That is such a clever way to hide a scar while looking stylish at the same time.

  3. oh my nelly, your journal here is splendid!


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