Nesting Robin Eggs

As you can see, we stumbled across a handful of the most pristine and delicate robin eggs you could imagine. Here's hoping the wives tale of the danger in picking up eggs and placing them back in the nest is simply that...a tale.

They were in the path of Tim's lawn mower and instead of running them over he stopped to place them lightly back in the nest with gloved hands (after grabbing me to come peek first of course).

Wish us luck with the sound of some chirping baby birds!
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  1. They're so sweet! I hope it's only a tale, too. Please post photos when they hatch :)

  2. great pictures. keep us posted on how they do

  3. Wow! I'd love to see the little birdies, Aura will love too!!

  4. The eggs are so delicate, so sweet. I just posted pictures of little fledglings nesting on my porch. They are so darn cute! My fingers are crossed - I hope yours hatch.

  5. thanks for all the love guys! So far they are still eggs, but keeping fingers crossed!


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