Mary Andrews Aprizi Interview

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Giff Constable, the CEO behind the new start-up Aprizi. If you haven't heard of Aprizi yet, you should know about it. It's a site set up like a personal shopping engine updating itself based on your likes and dislikes in order to learn your unique taste - then return curated suggestions based on your activity with the site. There are already heaps of Etsy items integrated and I've been having fun taking the suggestions for a spin on my own while the site continues to be fleshed out.

Learn more about Aprizi and see my full interview with Giff covering all things Etsy, tastemaking, my own creative journey, and some tips I've got for indie businesses over on the Aprizi blog.
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  1. Mary congrats again!
    you are very populer in these days! And you deserve these goodness:)

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  3. Congrats Mary!!! This sounds like a wonderful idea for a shopping site...off to check it out!


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