My Etsy World

Thought I'd share some of my more recent Etsy acquisitions. I live in a virtual Etsy world each day as I work and more and more my physical world is becoming one in the same. Tis a good feeling.

Fragment Light, anzfer
Oscillate Shirt, Thimble and Acorn
Letter M Vintage Milk Glass Mug, KupAndSaucer
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  1. Stunning! I have a hankering for a THIMBLEandACORN shirt myself...

  2. Ah, Mary, that's how it's been for me, always. I love your choices.

    I can't stop buying little pieces of pottery, paper goods and shirts, too.

    One day I'm going to tag my flickr photos with all I've purchased!


  3. The mug may have been one of the biggest impulse purchases I have ever made. It had an M, it was vintage, who knows if I ever would have found another, right? :)

  4. Wonderful choices! I love that you never know what you could end up finding on Etsy. :)

  5. love love love the mug, and just picked up that same top in a different color combo. should be receiving it in a day or two - can't wait!


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