The sequin butterfly shirt

I'm just going to come out and admit it: I have a little bit of a thing for those notoriously tacky vintage sequin butterfly shirts. Are they even a shirt really, or more of a poncho? In any case, every time I come across one in Etsy's Vintage category, my heart flutters a little - pun intended. It's even gotten to the point where I've started searching for them instead of stumbling across them. I love how some versions seem fairly tame and then others are just blatantly out of control.

While I've never broken down and bought one, I've definitely given the idea more than serious consideration. I think I still just need to get to the stage where I convince myself there are plenty of places it could be worn.

I could totally rock one of these gaudy butterfly ponchos, right? No question.
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  1. They are very flattering and would make you feel like taking off somewhere fabulous, I think...

    f you end up with one, let us know about your adventures!

  2. Yep, you could rock one of those Mary. You would feel like an 80's disco queen...flyin' high and looking fab. The one posted on your blog is quite awesome. The gold and black...wow!!!! I say go for it!

  3. I will definitely let you all know if I end up with one, I think it would be pretty hilarious. Maybe with Halloween around the corner I could have the perfect excuse.

  4. i have one in my shop right now! if you worked out of brooklyn i'd totally let you test drive it! i've told all the new gals in support i'd bring anything that they wanted to try on into the office ... just sayin'.

    xo michelle (brownbagvintage!)

  5. Michelle! Your shop drives me absolutely crazy, it's amazing. I wouldn't be surprised if I'm one of your top hearters, ha.

    Yikes that top is amazing, you must have listed it after this post otherwise I surely would have sniffed it out.

    I'll be up the week of October 18th so let's chat!

  6. ha! if the top hasn't sold by then i'll bring it to work - you'll have to sashay around the office in it though! test drive!


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