Basil: An Herb of a Different Breed

Meet Basil, the newest addition to our family. He's a 14 week old weimaraner full of personality. We've known we wanted a weimaraner for a quite some time but had just been waiting for the right one to come along.

After researching the breed fairly extensively to make sure we'd make a good fit for this type of dog, we finally took the plunge and are so looking forward to the adventures ahead of us. That being said, this is the first time I've really owned a dog and I'd love to get any words of wisdom from those of you with experience.
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  1. Patience is key! You will learn so much about yourselves as you raise a puppy.

    We took on the challenge of our first dog (outside of when we were kids) over a year ago. You will have moments of "what was I thinking?" when they are difficult, defiant and downright stubborn. But you will also have moments of great joy and accomplishment (I'll never forget how proud we were the first time we got our pup to poop outside).

    After the first year things will get so much easier. As I write this, our Logan is napping across my lap. The bond you will feel is amazing. It's so different than having a dog when you lived with your parents. When Logan makes the conscious decision to come and lay with me and I know he WANTS to snuggle with me it's such a good feeling.

    Have fun! Can't wait to see more of Basil!

    PS: Take a training class together! Not just for the training aspect, but it's good for their socialization and it's great time together with your dog.

  2. Congratulations! Basil is beautiful!

    We just brought home a new puppy too, Birdie's our third dog and she has big shoes to fill, she's a border collie mix and has tons of energy. We haven't had a puppy for fifteen years and I am exhausted!

    All I can tell you is that it's so rewarding to have a dog. It takes a lot of time and patience and sometimes a little tough love. As lindsey said, the first year or two are the most challenging and the best thing you can do is take a class, give him plenty of exercise, and buy a book or two on your breed. I also have a dog healthcare book too. Stick to a routine that works for you and Basil, it will make life so much easier.

    I like crate training - it really keeps them safe and out of trouble at night and during the day for brief periods when you can't give your FULL attention.

    Having a dog is one of the most wonderful and unique relationships that you will ever have!

  3. Lindsey and Holly,

    I so appreciate your taking the time to provide pointers for best practice from your own personal experiences (it sounds like both of your dogs are quite lucky).

    I had to laugh at your comment about being proud of the first poop - Tim and I felt the same way this evening as we took him out to "do his business."

    I am so grateful for your suggestions to take a class with Basil - this is something I hadn't considered until now and I think it's something I am definitely going to look into at this point.

    Please keep your pointers coming as you think of them - again, I am so appreciative and looking forward to the challenges, laughs, and relationship with Basil.

  4. He is gorgeous!

    I had many dogs growing up, but it was only about two months ago when I got my own dog for the first time.

    Wow, it's a lot different being the owner!

    We have been crate training from the first night he came home with us and that has proven to be wonderful. He's also just started his first training class and he is so eager to learn.

    Our main issue is with our young kids. He's generally very gentle with them, but does get very excited and carried away at times.

    I've had moments of great frustration and wondering if we made the right choice adopting him, but I'm so attached to the little guy....we all are :)

    Our Noodle is awesome and no doubt Basil will be for you!

  5. I'm so thrilled to hear of others in the same boat with new puppies. Monica, I agree it is so much of a different feeling from the perspective of being a pet owner (primary caretaker that is).

    We too have decided to go with crate training based on all of the advice we have received on how much better for the dog it is - even though I am dreading having to leave him in there tonight knowing the first few nights he will be sad/lonely.

    We have read that weimaraners get excited around small children, which at this point we don't have - however, I will have to watch him around my very young niece and nephew.


  6. Basil is beautiful!

    It has already been said, the first year will require a lot of patience, as puppies have amazing energy. I remember the first 6 months of having Buddy - we were completely sleepless. He would wake us up at 5am - and would not go back to sleep. When he was finally tired, it was time for us to go to work!

    Long walks (very long walks) and training classes are great. A tired puppy is a happy puppy. A happy puppy means happy humans. When people talk about their dog destroying their house it is usually because they do not spend time with them. They need your attention to be healthy and happy. It's great that you guys did the research before hand, that's what everyone should do. Make sure Basil is very socialized from early on. This will help him get along with everyone.

    Diet was a big issue for us - Buddy has a very sensitive tummy. The vet thinks it is probably passed on from one of his parents. We tried so many different things including the raw diet which is supposed to be the best for their joints, skin and overall health. But he didn't like it (for a dog that steals and eats napkins, it was quite shocking) For the first 7 months I did endless research. I tried cooking myself, still didn't work. Finally we found it - which to our surprise was duck. Oh also, organic pumpkin puree is great for tummy problems. If his tummy ever gets upset. We always keep some pumpkin puree from www.nummytumtum.com - just a spoonful works like magic, and he loves it.

    It's an amazing feeling to have a dog - just seeing how smart they are blows you away, and how sometimes they outsmart you! When we got Buddy it was me and my husbands first dog too - our lives changed like we never thought possible, in an unbelievably great way. You guys are going to be so happy.

    It's a huge responsibility I have to admit, I didn't realize it would be at first but when you come home from being out a long day or just a minute, and you see the wiggly butt running towards you - you don't even remember why you were tired.

    www.pawesome.net is a good website to follow for news, silly things and recalls.

    I think I may have gotten a bit carried away. Congrats and I wish you guys all the best :)


  7. Those first nights are so hard as you hate to hear their sad little whimpers. They adjust quickly though and he'll soon find it a safe and happy place.

    In case you didn't see my comment on Facebook....congrats on being a Master of Etsy!

  8. Congrats on your new fur baby! I don't have a huge amount of advice other than to look into insurance or start up a savings account for emergencies. Compared to cats, dogs can be quite expensive. My point isn't to fear monger, don't get me wrong, I just feel that having a purebred dog can be surprisingly costly so it's best to be prepared with some extra cash JUST in case. Our dog has had two surgeries totaling more than $10,000 plus a bunch of other issues and if we didn't have insurance we'd be eating gruel and living in a cardboard box to pay off our debts (granted, we have a bulldog and they're very prone to issues).

    Get ready for lots of laughs and amazing times! Having a dog is awesome and you're going to be SO in love with your sweet Basil that you'll hardly be able to stand it! Enjoy every day with him. :)

    PS: We tried crate training and after the second week of his constant cries he's been in our bed every night, snoring under the covers ever since. ;)

  9. Congratulations, Mary! He is beautiful :)
    I love the name !
    I had a dog briefly when i was growing up . The best advice I have is be firm when they are puppies..they grow up to be well trained dogs. Those puppy eyes will melt your heart and you want to feed them under your dining table and let them sleep on your bed ! but hang in there, and have fun !

    I know someone who has such a spoilt dog...she actually massages his legs after his excercise ! Mojo expects her to !! isnt that funny?!

    I can't wait to hear your stories about Basil..can't get over the name! I am such a woos when it comes to dogs..Dogs Rule !!

  10. No tips BUT had to stop by and say -
    Basil is sooooooooooooo Gorgeous!

  11. He is gorgeous Mary :)))

    We lost our dog long time ago (11years ago) and still I am missing him !

    First year is really diffucult , they need most of love and care :))

    They are learning lots of things with biggg love !

    Take care !

  12. Hope you managed to get some sleep this weekend!

  13. so happy you found your Basil! he's adorable! Here's to years of happiness and more fun than you can ever imagine :)

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