Tattoo Files: Fight or Flight

And so the tattoo files persist.

Ever come across an image that stops you in your tracks? With all the photos I'm looking at throughout the day, it makes for a treat when one interrupts my meditative pattern of scrolling. Click each image for their original source and stay tuned for future files from this here un-inked little lady.

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  1. ooooh, i especially like the gently falling feathers.

  2. It's so fun to admire the artwork on those who are brave enough to ink their skin. I love the birds on the back, and the feathers are gorgeous, a beautiful image with such strong and spiritual symbolism. If I ever decided to get a tattoo, I think I would choose a feather. Thanks for sharing Mary.



  3. I quite fancy the last one...

  4. Now, I would probably never get a tattoo, but I do love the last one.

    If I did though, a constellation might be nice.


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