Photo Recap of the Long Weekend

Some of my favorite preserved memories and found relics from the long holiday weekend at Beechwood:

The time away was indulging, grounding, and gave me that sense of renewal in order to gear back up for the busy holiday season both on and off Etsy - what an exciting time of year.
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  1. That looks like absolute perfection!

    What a wonderful getaway spot...I'm sure Basil enjoyed the freedom out there.

  2. Basil looks like such a cutie pie! Congrats on your new family member.

  3. Did you keep that jawbone? Love finding stuff like that!

  4. Thanks so much guys! Yes, we did keep the jaw bone - I thought maybe somehow down the road I might be able to do something with the teeth when time permits. We actually happened upon the entire skeleton still linked together and came back with the skull, antlers, and jaw bone. Pretty crazy.


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