Tumblr Opens a Richmond Office

I've been so excited to learn Tumblr will be opening it's first branch outside of New York right here in Richmond, Virginia. The Richmond Tumblr office will be located in Manchester and they threw a launch party at one of our local favorites, Legend Brewing Company, last night.

Tim and I met up with another Richmond Etsy staffer at the event and the place was packed for the launch. We got the chance to chat with Tumblr's president, John Maloney, and other friendly Tumblr folks. John seemed thrilled to know Etsy already had some staff representation in RVA and said he'd be visiting the local office about once a month.

I'm so proud of Richmond - learn more about the new Tumblr office here.
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  2. Let me try this again with the correct account :)

    What a fun evening! I'll have to recommend the Legend Brewing Company to my brother.

    I have got to get over to Richmond. I'm guessing there is probably quite a bit for kids to do in that area.

  3. So, did you take the plunge and make a tumblr yet?

    Look me up if you do!



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