Shop Update: Antique Fork Bracelets

I received a surprise package in the mail containing these 3 antique forks from my mother. She knows the "siren" pattern is one of my favorites to work with and also has a knack for finding them.

I've also had a stash of vintage forks from various hotels around the globe and had a chance to work with two - one from Hotel West and another from Hotel Mayfair. I believe the Hotel Mayfair dinner fork is actually from the destination in Paris, France. The full stash of these hotel forks contains souvenirs from numerous destinations which leads me to presume they may have come from a collector with a "slight of hand" to put it politely...

I can only imagine the true story behind them and love their one of a kind nature.

The following fork is one I've had that's just simply over the top in depth and detail. The grapevine pattern runs through the entire handle including a coordinating but different depiction on the underside.

And finally, with love in mind I made the following fork bracelet from an engraved "first love" silverplate dinner fork. I love how this hidden message wraps around the wrist of a loved one as a sweet token of love.

For a deeper look into the process of how I make these bracelets, see this fork bracelet tutorial I put together a while back while in the studio.
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  1. These are simply gorgeous! I love the art nouveau look of the Siren pattern--and really love how you've curlicued the tines. So clever and beautiful!


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