Shop Update: Vintage Coin Dispenser Necklaces

I came across these quirky little pieces of history whose purpose and function seem to be vanishing quickly: vintage coin dispensers from the 1960's.

The need to carry spare change (or cash for that matter) at all times for everyday things like laundromats, vending machines, games, tolls, and parking meters is becoming a thing of the past - making these dispensers that much more of a conversation piece.

I affixed each one to a vintage 22 inch chain and they are currently the only two of each necklace design I have available in the shop. I'd love to come across a dead-stock collection in order to offer more, but until then these two little gems are up for the taking.
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  1. Very cute and fun!! And perfect for visiting the vending machine at work ;)

  2. I'm loving these Mary! So interesting.

  3. Fun and functional, the best of both worlds!


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