Mini Shop Update

I made time for a mid week mini shop update with new necklace designs: Eiffel Tower Souvenir Pocket Knife Necklace, Bird Talon Necklace, Rusted Skeleton Key Necklace, and a Brass Beetle Necklace. Click on the images above for additional photos and details on each new design.

It may be because I only have one in my keeping right now, but that little vintage Eiffel Tower is stealing my heart.

P.S. Thanks for all of your well wishes on the porch makeover. We are actually still tackling this project in the evenings and the 90 degree Virginia heat this week hasn't been expediting the process! Once complete, I promise a more robust update with before/after shots.
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  1. WANT the eiffel tower!!!! Am off...only one????

  2. Nathalie - yes only one! Hopefully I'll be able to come across another but no luck yet!

  3. These are beautiful! I want one as well!! :)


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