Shop Update: The Fork Bracelets Are Back

Over the holiday break I finally carved out some time to get into the metal studio and make a fresh batch of fork bracelets for launch in the new year.

It's always a pretty physical experience making these bracelets, much more so than the steadier line of work I keep in the shop - people laugh when they see my pounding the antique metal, saying it sure looks like a great way to get out any aggression one might have.

For a deeper look into my process for making these, see this how-to post I put together several months back.
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  1. These look like beautiful pieces of abstract art that one could find in a Tim Burton film! :) I love them.. way to go!



  2. They are so cool! Nothing like pounding away to work out any stresses...I sculpt in alabaster, and just love banging away on a rock (slightly different than a fork, but same release!)

    Happy New Year!


  3. Este artículo es muy interesante ya que nos muestra información muy completa y concisa gracias y sigan publicando


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