Ice Teeth?

As many of you know, I have a "thing" about teeth. Yeah, it's a little weird and quirky, but hey...so am I. So at the opening of Fred Flare the other night, I was delighted to find the above ice tray.
That's right, it's an ice tray in the shape of dentures or a whole row of teeth. I squealed inside at the thought of the next time my sweety comes up here and I plop one of these suckers in his scotch glass...but I guess I've gone a spoiled the surprise at this point. Oh well, it was worth it to be able to show you guys.
So yeah, I was pretty happy with this find. Check out Fred Flare online for some really clever and quirky gifts this season!

On a side note, I'm sitting here watching the results of the election as they are updated. I've always been one to stay up and watch the results. This year, I really felt proud to be an American with the ability to cast my vote. Here's to history in the making. Pin It

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  1. I love them! They're super kooky but fabulous ;)


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