All Hallows Eve...

As you can see, I've been carving away in my spare time down here in good old Virginia. These jack o lanterns were a "test" run last night on the front porch. Doesn't everyone do a test run? There's something about lighting up a newly carved pumpkin and just watching them come alive. I don't think that magical feeling will ever leave my bones no matter how old I get. I really wanted to get a white pumpkin this year, but the only one they had left was pretty beat up, so I left it lonely amidst the other big orange ones. There's always next year.

I love traditions. Whether they are old or new ones being made, I love the idea of being able to look forward to something familiar time and time again. Carving pumpkins is one of these traditions that just doesn't get old for me. Hope you all have a happy and spooky Halloween to remember! Pin It

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