I need your help!

I saw this incredible "pocket light" on the ponoko blog and absolutely cannot find where to purchase it anywhere! I wanted to buy like 5 of them and give them as fun little extra gifts for the holidays, but I can't for the life of me find them. So, please help me find where I can buy these:

The designers are Hyun Jin Yoon & Eun Hak Lee. The pocket light is the size of a credit card and can fit in your wallet. It's so clever and I just cant stand the fact that I might not be able to find it. I must have one.

sniff, any ideas? Pin It


  1. Mary - according to this site this may just be a concept which this guy seems to have created a lot of: http://tinyurl.com/cclight

    Let us know if you find them!

  2. oh no! This is the coolest thing ever! I must have one too!
    It's pocket genius. My favorite kind of genius!

  3. OHH very clever indeed. If you find them let me know! I want one too :)


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