Baby shoes giveaway!

I made baby shoes! I've always admired handmade baby shoes and am an avid buyer of them on Etsy. I've also always secretly wanted to learn how to make some of my very own. Just like many "makers of things," I have piles and piles of fabric, trims, buttons, and odds and ends in my apartment. So I was able to put a few of them to good use. I just love these little shoes.
Since these were a practice pair and the stitching shows through a bit on the seams, I'm going to give them away to the first commenter that would really like to have them. Just leave me your email address and I'll get your contact info to send you your new baby shoes. They sure would make a great gift this holiday season for those of you that don't have little ones in your immediate lives.

Here's to learning new things and using what you've got around the house! Pin It


  1. Those shoes are adorable!!!

    I am tinkering with the idea of learning to sew and those cute little shoes are an inspiration..

  2. Hi Mary it's your cousin Jessica, and I'm looking at your blog for the first time... I'm not great at computers and just found the 'conversations' on etsy. I love your shoes and recognize the pattern. I've made some baby shoes too and perhaps will post them on MY blog so you can see them. They are for a teacher/friend's baby.

  3. This little shoes are beautiful!. So cute and adorable!


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