It's that time of year...

Here's to 26!

I am and always will be a November's Girl.

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  1. I remember it like it was yesterday...one of the best days of my life. Happy 26th, Miss Mary Sunshine!!! You bring so much to life. Momma

  2. i do actually need computer help... i know that in your posts you add pictures, and that they are sometimes in-between paragraphs. i have tried to do this by uploading the picture after typing something, and then typing again afterwards, but all the pictures are put before all the words. i guess i really should've emailed you instead of commenting like this. i've looked into html and tried to correct the problem by editing the html but then the website doesnt recognize my pics. ?i don't know what i'm doing.?
    say hi to 'momma'!

  3. Helooooo Lovely!! And happy belated birthday!! Your comment from your Mama makes me want to cry!! She is so sweeet!!

    You are only 26, my gooodnesss!! I feel 26 ;)


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