N.E.E.T Feature: Quit Your Day Job

Great news, the March issue of N.E.E.T magazine was just published and features yours truly as a contributing editor. So exciting. You can see on the cover in the photo above, the "Quit Your Day Job" feature - that's mine! They approached me after reading one of the Etsy series I write for Etsy's blog, Quit Your Day Job. I was happy to share the stories and am equally pumped about my first appearance in a magazine publication as a contributing editor. You can find the 8 page spread captured in screen shots below.

Thanks so much to N.E.E.T for having me on as a contributing editor this month! I hope you'll hop on over to read the feature and check out the rest of the magazine if you aren't a reader already...you may just get hooked.

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  1. Come and join a fun tag game on my blog darling!
    Lovely blog by the way!



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