Clever camera strap

I'm thinking about snagging one of these clever camera straps made from seat belts. These handmade camera straps come straight from the benches of wreck yard automobiles and I love the idea of an eco friendly option. I love the color descriptions from the site: Porsche Purple, Mercedes Gold, T-bird Teal, and Dodge Silver.

I think I'm gravitating towards the turquoise in this photo, but feel like one of the other more neutral colors would be a better choice...like the gray or maroon. Lemme know what you think in the comments if I should go one way or another.

Photojojo has a selection of other clever camera and photo accessories, check em out. You can also find the maker of these straps on Etsy, here.
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  1. i'm loving the turquoise one too! i've been looking for a strap for my vintage twin lens camera. i've heard about people recycling seat belts for guitar straps & camera straps, but hadn't found any i liked yet. thanks for sharing!

  2. No problem! I'm glad you like it too. I'm thinking I might try to connect with the maker of these straps on Etsy and get one directly from them.

  3. Ooo, we are totally in need of a fab new cam strap. This came at the perfect time! Glad we just found & now sub to your lovely blog! We'll be trolling souldierstraps for sure. Cheers! Staci @ 26 Olive Street

    P.S. Grey!

  4. Thanks for the votes! I might be leaning grey too!! I'm a huge fan of your Etsy shop 26olivestreet.



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