By masaoms on Etsy.

Trust me, spend 5 minutes and 23 seconds of your time and watch this video from start to finish.

It's not often I admire another jeweler's work enough to want to wear it myself, but her line of organically set stone rings would sway me. It really makes you appreciate the work and process that goes into making a piece of jewelry like this from idea to finished piece.

Find out more about the inspiration behind this process video and the artist, Marta Sànchez Oms in this feature article.
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  1. Very nice, indeed:) Thanks for posting this little clip

  2. I agree that the rings are very beautiful, but be careful if you want to buy one- at the very least the rings with irregular stones rely on glue to hold the stones in place, which i'm sure you know is a mark of laziness and bad craftsmanship in the jewelry community.
    it's a shame though; they are SO beautiful.

  3. Hi!! I have just discovered you posted my video, thank you very much!! Have a great day,


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