Polyface Farms featured on Oprah

Just caught wind of Polyface Farms and Michael Pollan to be featured on Oprah today (1/27/10) in a show centered around learning more about what's in the food offered at the grocery store, where it comes from, and making your own decisions based on that knowledge.

Polyface Farms was featured in the movie Food Inc, one of the films I've recently viewed which helped me come to my New Year's resolution of thoughtful consumption. After some further research, I learned Polyface Farms is located in Staunton, Virginia not far from Richmond. Tim and I are toying with the idea of making a trip this spring to take one of the farm tours. Interestingly, I also learned one of the PR employees of the farm, Wendy, lives in Richmond and makes/sells T-shirts for the business through Etsy (the shirts seem to be temporarily sold out, but am sure they will return)!

In any event, check your local listings for the Oprah show today if you are interested, I'll be taping it for sure.
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  1. I not so much made it a New Years resolution, as I can never seem to make those "stick", but started moving in the same direction over the past few months. I like the term you used, thoughtful consumption, and will be interested to see the segment on Oprah. Thanks for letting us know!

  2. Shannon, I completely agree with you. As I've too been moving gradually in a new direction, it gets easier and easier. It's also so nice to see someone like Oprah using her platform to talk about this. It gives me hope that different types of choices will become more available in the mainstream.


  3. DVR'd the Oprah show and enjoyed watching it later...a trip to Staunton would be a good time to visit the Cheese Shop in Stuarts Draft since they are quite close. Jinx


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