Quit Your Day Job series featured on CNN

If you missed the CNN airing this morning, catch up with the online video feature.

I couldn't be happier to see this series getting some traction in the media and providing additional exposure to the success stories that continue to come from Etsy's opportunities. I'm truly humbled learning the many different types of success Etsy has allowed people all over the world and look forward to the part of my work week which involves crafting the Quit Your Day Job series.

While the CNN feature doesn't exactly put the best spin on the Quit Your Day Job series, claiming it "seems to encourage people to quit your day job," I am glad nonetheless the word is getting out there that it's possible, even if it means supplementing a current income.

Since it's conception when the very first seller contacted me to tell me he had quit his full time job in order to keep up with the selling success he was seeing through Etsy, the Quit Your Day Job series has been meant to share the stories of Etsy sellers who have been able to leave or change their previous working situations due in part or whole to their selling success on Etsy. I take pride in highlighting the diverse types of people and different circumstances from which each seller was able to leave there previous working situation.

It is my hope that through sharing these stories, shoppers will feel compelled to shop from handmade independent businesses and sellers can draw inspirational tips from those who are seeing success via Etsy sales...not feel encouraged or pressured by Etsy to quit their own job.
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  1. I think that the exposure is excellent even if CNN slightly missed conveying the essence of QYDJ. We don't fit the traditional model. It's empowering. When I look at where my business was just a few short years ago, and how far I've come, it's stunning.

    I love reading each story you feature. Each artist's life is different, but that is what makes the patchwork quilt that is etsy.

    Well done, Mary.

  2. I didn't see that, but am so glad to hear that it got some attention! You do a wonderful job and I always find these articles so interesting and inspiring.

  3. i quit my job by my daughter birth.. i have sales in etsy and it makes me happy and by this sales, going back to worklife is never comes to my mind..

    of course i am planning sale more and more:)

  4. Thank you Sherry, Monica, and Sabahnur. I've met so many incredible people (like yourselves) through this series and do think one of it's best assets is it's ability to mean something different to everyone...be it inspiration, a success tip, or realizing how hard it can be to make a go of selling via Etsy full time.

  5. How cool is that? Congratulations! Your stories are always a great source of inspiration:)

    Wishing you more and more success,



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