Shop Update: Fables, Notions, and Legends

Find the latest editions in my new line of sterling silver locket necklaces available in the shop. Today's update includes a whimsical tortoise and the hare locket, an antique style sewing machine with sewing notions, and a rustic Trojan horse which opens up to reveal it's tiny army.

Each of the pendants in this update continue with that heirloom quality about them hinting at the past with a modern twist.
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  1. these are so very beautiful, marymary I had no idea you had a shop too:) thought you were just an admin...:)

  2. Super cool and beautiful!!:)

  3. These necklaces are fabulous! I love them

  4. Love them! I just got the sewing machine....

  5. Those look great, I especially love the sewing machine.


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