Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory

The Etsy offices are located in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn. Yes, I said DUMBO. It stands for "Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass" and literally takes up the space directly underneath the Manhattan bridge. DUMBO is one of Brooklyn's treasures filled with cobblestone streets, posh shops, flea and farmers markets, eateries, fashion forward passer byers, and unmatchable views of the bridges, water and city. In fact, it's pretty much like walking through the scenes of a NY film. Each time I'm in the city for work I seem to stumble across a photo, movie, or other media shoot taking place in the middle of the street.

If you happen to find yourself in DUMBO or make the trek over the bridge from the city, you must make the trip to Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. As the weather continues to warm up, I look forward to visiting this neighborhood staple with each trip to NY. Not only are all the flavors classics made with natural ingredients, but the factory is located right on the water in an old twenties fireboat house.
P.S. That's a coffee ice cream I enjoyed.
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  1. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm my daughter ate the rest of the icecream...i need to get more!

  2. Mmm, got to love ice-cream. When we lived in CT we had a great local ice-cream place which sold the most amazing ice-cream flavors. Still looking for a place that makes their own here in VA. :0)

  3. Next time I'm in NYC I'll have to make a trip there!

  4. Just reading each of your comments is making we want BIF ice cream even more!

    Thanks for the love xoxo

  5. mmm delicious. we opened the icecream season too.. not dumbo but mado is our best icecream shop in here istanbul!

  6. Is that COFFEE ice cream that I see? Ummmmmm! Jinx

  7. Coffee is my favorite, I must have gotten it from you mom!

    Sabahnur, if ever I am in Istanbul I'd like to ring you up and meet you for an ice cream!


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