Trendspotting: The Open Back

Open backs and barely-there-backless numbers lend a whole new meaning to sultry: an unexpected peek of flesh, and curves of a different kind. Classy and completely sexy.

The open back inspired looks can be found via Etsy and Lookbook.nu.

Etsy: Lisette White Dress
Etsy: What a Gem Black Dress
Lookbook.nu: South Heaven Bodysuit
Lookbook.nu: The Glow Backless Top
Etsy: Sailor Cut Out Dress
Lookbook.nu: Spin Me Round Again Bodysuit
Etsy: Striped Shirt
Lookbook.nu: Marry Me Black Dress
Lookbook.nu: Peculiar Ways Black Dress
Lookbook.nu: Oceans Suit
Etsy: Vintage Bow Black Dress
Etsy: Coco Chiffon and Lace Dress
Lookbook.nu: Carousels Black Dress
Etsy: 1950's Silk Cocktail Dress
Etsy: Knitwear Stripes Top
Etsy: Multicolor Swimsuit
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  1. Thanks for featuring me, sweety! Love ur blog!

  2. cool..
    then we need "backlace" instead of "necklace" :))
    really, that kind of jewellries could be hot and fashion!

  3. Those are so beautiful, just wish I had the confidence to wear one. :0)

  4. What gorgeous selections! I had never seen the luscious site of Lookbook - which probably shows my unfortunate lack of fashion knowledge. You've given me another lovely site to peruse and clothes to put on my "I really desire this" list.

  5. I know! Don't even get me started on the gem that is lookbook.nu....so addicting!

    I've actually seen some versions of the "backlace" and find them quite intriguing...good call there.

  6. What a beautiful post, love the open back look and you've got some great ones here!

  7. love all these photos!
    also love an open back, very sexy ;)


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