Contrary Jewelry now at Honey and Hazel

More and more often I get inquiries of where my jewelry can be found in person since I work out of my home studio - especially in Brooklyn. Some shoppers can get in a bind and need something the same day or just generally want to see the collection in person.

I'm excited to say Contrary Jewelry can now be found at Honey and Hazel boutique in Brooklyn, NY. I was thrilled when Mel, the owner, contacted me about carrying the line in Honey and Hazel as I'm a fan of the shop - it is literally located 3 blocks away from my old Brooklyn apartment.

Find out more about Mel and the eclectic offerings at Honey and Hazel on the Etsy blog.
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  1. Very exciting! I love the look of her shop.

  2. Congratulations. What fabulous jewelry displays, too! Makes me want to touch everything~ :)

  3. Congratulations, That is very exciting! It looks like an amazing shop.....

  4. I love how the necklaces are draped across the planks! What a awesome store to be featured in.

  5. What a perfect fit for you. It's displayed very nicely. It is a thrill to see our work in the real world, isn't it?


  6. It is so fun to see it in person for sure - even funnier to know the shop is in my old neighborhood - only a matter of blocks.

    Stay warm in the snow all!

  7. The latest designs of Hazel and Honey Jewelry can be had from the Brooklyn store in NY it is very convenient


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