Tattoo Files: Crafty Fingers

Time for another tattoo round up, no? These craftier inked designs give a little look into the inner workings of the bearer - no matter what langauge you speak. Isn't it fascinating how graphic images can read universally.

Click each image for their original source and stay tuned for future files from this here un-inked little lady.

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  1. Very unique!Interesting as a ring...

  2. While I'm not one that will probably ever have a tattoo, I do find them fascinating.

    I followed one of the photos through to Jeana Sohn's blog and there was a photo of a woman's back with a black feather....love it! Not sure why I am so drawn to it, but it is quite cool.

    Then I read the first comment and it mentioned a woman with a feather underneath her ear. That would be something I *might* consider as it sounds delicate and feminine and so sweet!

    Sorry for the ramble ;)


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