Last of the Antique Letterpress Sticks

I just received the final antique wooden letterpress sticks in a lot that I have been collecting over the past year. While I wish there had been more variety in the letters from the remaining batch, I know their scarcity only makes those available that much more special. I adore their worn down, stained, one of a kind nature and can just imagine the printing projects they were in use for back in their hay day.

I'll be repurposing these letterpress sticks into the initial necklaces I carry in the shop. They will be available here once complete and you can get a further look into the process of how I make them in this previous studio post I put together.

What projects are you working on this weekend?
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  1. I have never seen them in sticks before! I have been adding letters to my shop all day :) I got a ton at an estate sale a few months ago and I add them in spurts from time to time ;) The necklaces are pretty!

  2. Angela, thanks so much for your kind words. I had not known they came in wooden sticks either before I found these and would love to be able to find more. If you ever come across any like these I hope you will convo me for first peek :)

    I checked out your awesome vintage Etsy shop with your letterpress blocks - the lead ones. I wonder if drilling through these with a dremel would be possible?

  3. I love using antique pieces that have history and a "presence". Very special!

  4. I have never actually seen those before either. Very cool!


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