Trendspotting: Trompe l'oeil Stockings

Building upon last year's polka dot hosiery trend, this year's versions are taking it a step further. In keeping with that nod to the past - these hotter than hot stockings are boasting trompe l'oeil garters, exaggerated lace, and larger than like polka dot patterns. It appears a short skirt and coat falling just above the hemline are the perfect pairings for these showstoppers.

What do you think about these accessories - would you try them on for size and where would you wear them? I'm thinking they would have been perfect in my early 20's (restaurant years) and might be better suited for a First Friday nowadays.

Looks via Lookbook.nu
Bow Stockings
Garter Stockings
Lace Stockings
Thigh Highs
Polka Dots
Garter Triangles
Lace Hosiery
Classic Polka Dots
Large Polka Dots
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  1. I <3 the polka dots and the bows!! Too precious. I'm normally not a huge bow fan but since it's november I feel I should be über girly this month! :)



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