The Etsy Photo Booth

Last week I was in New York working in the Brooklyn Etsy offices. We recently had the Magnolia Photo Booth Company build one of their famous custom booths to permanently live in our dedicated Etsy Labs space - it's completely open for use by anyone attending events in the space and staff members alike. Read more about the Magnolia Photo Booth Company and their innovative take on the photo booth right here.

While in town, I finally got a chance to take the Etsy photo booth for a spin. Technically it was for a project to retake Etsy profile photos, but as you can see one thing always leads to another...

Some of my all time favorite photos came from spur of the moment photo booth sessions. There's something about the candidness of the frames, the washed out look of the film, and the limited physical nature of the strip you are left with - know what I mean? When in Brooklyn, check out the Etsy events calendar so you can hop on over and snap some shots of your own!

P.S. That's the DanielleXO and some of my fellow marketeers from Etsy posing here with me.
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  1. sounds like the best job EVER! love the photos ;)

  2. Fantastic photos and it looks like such a fun bunch of people to work with!

    Some of my favorite photos from 20 years ago were taken in a photo booth at an NC beach. Sadly, they've been lost along the way, but I can still see them clear as day in my mind.

  3. Oh you all look so energetic, full of FUN!!!
    Btw, love your new Avatar Mary :)

  4. The photos are wonderful, Mary. There is a movie theatre near us that still has an old photo booth. I've been taking my son there since he was little. Maybe he'll indulge me one more time before he heads off to school.


  5. Love the photo booth shots Mary, how fun! I remember taking the bus to the shopping mall when I was a kid...we would all cram into the photo booth, and try not to laugh as the camera flashed. Those little black and white strips are some of the best photos of my childhood. It's great to see that some things are timeless, and still bringing smiles to faces. Looks like you are all having a great time. :)

    Cheers and thanks for sharing,
    ps, you look adorable with that moustache. :)

  6. People enjoy using photo booth not only for events, wedding or parties but also to have bonding with your friends.


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