Shop Update: Sterling Silver Lockets

Right around a year ago I launched a line of sterling silver locket necklaces - remember these and these? Find the latest editions pictured above newly available in the shop.

Today's update includes an antique milk jug which opens up to reveal a tiny cow, a beehive revealing a winged bee, a drum revealing a tiny dancing couple, a fisherman's basket with fish, a cottage style chapel with a small wedding taking place inside, a barn with a pair of lovers enclosed (hilarious!), and a tiny locomotive opening up to show the conductor shoveling coal.

Each of the pendants in this update have an heirloom quality about them hinting at the past with a modern twist. For the foreseeable future, these will also be the last versions available in the sterling silver locket line in the event you have your heart set on any particular one.
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  2. opss wrong access:D

    i love them all,beehieve is my fave!
    good luck

  3. Thanks guys, I am partial to the beehive as well and can't get over how hilarious that little "barn" locket is.


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