Kelly Cutrone's Book

Ever since I heard Kelly Cutrone came out with her own book, I had to have it: If You Have to Cry, Go Outside - and other things your mother never told you.

One of my best guilty pleasures was watching her on reality shows like The City, and Kell on Earth. Yes I just admitted to watching those shows (religiously). For those of you unfamiliar with Kelly Cutrone, she's sort of notoriously known as a no-nonsense outspoken woman of power in the PR fashion industry - specifically New York.

While her antics are fun to watch on TV, it was fun to learn more from Kelly's softer side, or "mama wolf" as she describes herself. If you're looking for an entertaining read with bits and pieces that might resonate with you - Kelly's book is a good one to take for a spin.

Her frame of mind on NYC being one of the best teachers she's ever had, not feeling compelled to live out the destiny we (as women) are programmed to believe in, and her thoughts on work ethic were probably what most resonated with me.

"The only dream I ever had was the dream of New York itself, and for me, from the minute I touched down in this city, that was enough. It became the best teacher I ever had." - Kelly Cutrone
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  1. Thanks for the recommendation, it sounds like a great read ~ off to Amazon!

  2. I'm also a kelly kutrone fan. (is her show ever coming back on? I loved both of her assistants). and having read her book too, she's very inspiring although you wouldn't think so after seeing her on tv but her book made me like her even more.

  3. I'm going to check this out! thanks for the recommendation, Mary. :)

  4. Thanks for the recommendation- I was thinking about buying this one (loved the show, too) but I bought the Tabitha Salon takeover book (another obsession) and it was sooo bad, it made me hesitate on this one - glad to hear you liked it - now I need to read it :)


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