Vintage 60's Industrial Shop Chairs

Someone seriously needs to purchase these vintage industrial shop chairs I found on Etsy this past week. They've been dangerously eating at me ever since I laid eyes on them - aren't they just gorgeous? I think they'd be perfect in an open floor plan, used as bar stools, or addition to an artist's studio. I've seen so many similar remakes cropping up across mainstream retail - but you just can't beat the real deal.

The description even notes that they've been kept in a temperature controlled storage unit since their production - sigh. I'm seeing another case of "non-buyer's remorse" in my future...
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  1. Oh, buy them, I love them. I have a chair/stool very similar to that. I use it when I'm working at my kiln. This photo makes me want to repaint mine!


  2. these are perfect, especially the tealy green paired with the wood.

  3. anything with turquoise gets my vote!!

  4. i want these how do i get them?


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