From the Etsy Offices

This past week I made a quick overnight trip to be in the Etsy offices in person for a few important meetings. The shots above show some views of the office from my corner of the world and a little goofing around during off hours.

One of my favorite parts about the Brooklyn office is the fact it's dog-friendly. Each time I make the trip up I seem to be greeted by yet another new pup spending the work day in the office - that little cutie-pie above is Danielle's newest addition to her family, Miss Myrtle. She is a rescue dog from a puppy mill. Also, as you can see - one of my coworkers is out of the office on paternity leave so Christine and I decided to try his (armor gloves?) on for size.
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  1. What a sweet little pup and a great place to work :)

    We recently adopted another puppy from a local animal rescue. He's little and gets on really well with big old Noodle.

  2. That pup is adorable! What an inspiring office, makes me love Etsy even more knowing that pups are allowed to come to work ~
    Have a great weekend ahead,
    p.s. i am having a fun giveaway on my blog, stop by!


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