City of Epic: An Exercise RPG

One of my friends, Kelly Maguire, who I not only took Craft and Materials studies classes with in art school at VCU but have also had the pleasure of working with at Etsy in the past is working on a new creative venture involving placing the real time workouts you're already doing into an interactive storyline with rewards to help keep you motivated.

They've launched the initial details on Kickstarter, so if you're curious check out the video above to learn more. If you'd like to help support the growth and development of the project, help both Kelly and her business partner, Catherine, by spreading the word via your social networks and/or get more directly involved as a backer right from their Kickstarter project page.

I'm looking forward to watching as the project progresses since I've always been a big fan of the creative projects Kelly has taken on - including her line of lasercut novelties, Everything Tiny, and her building of the popular Indie Craftshows Directory.

Good luck guys!
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