Pinterest: Are you Pinning?

Are you pinning? Have you heard of pinning? What is pinning?

Pinterest is one of many great bookmarking sites catching on. The site basically allows you to bookmark and categorize any image you come across on the web for any reason. The visual layout is clean, simple, and inspiring. It's great for organization, saving ideas, and discovering new sites/products via other folks' pins/boards you admire. Personally, I've found it perfect for bookmarking blog images, diy projects, fashion, home ideas, Etsy products, and recipes I'd like to try. I also like to search the site for topics of interest to me just to see what other folks with great taste have come across which I might've never found on my own.

At this time Pinterest is still invite only so if you're considering taking it for a spin let me know in the comments and I'll send you one. Click the image above to find my own Pinterest finds and follow along. Already have an account? I'd love to know how you are using it and follow your finds.
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  1. I love pinterest! I am not yet pinning, but love looking at other people's boards. It's eye candy! I'll have to check out your pin board...

  2. I'm familiar with it, but haven't used it yet. Mind sending me an invite? Thanks :)

  3. Pinterest is wonderful! Previously, I had no functional way to catalog things and places on the web that I wanted to keep track of. I've also found that it is a great tool for design inspiration!


  4. I'd love to try it. Sounds likes weheartit but butter. I'd love an invite. :) lauren_abel at yahoo.com

  5. i have an account too try to understand what is going on..

  6. I've been checking it out a bit lately. I would love an invite :)

  7. Hey guys - It's been a super long week and I so appreciate all of your sentiments on Pinterest. I'll be sifting through invites right now so keep a lookout!

    - Mary

  8. I love Pinterest! I snaked an invite from a friend when I first saw it popping up on Twitter, I think.
    I like using it for wish/shopping lists, house design & style ideas, outfit styling and keeping track of things like recipes and articles better than my previous unsorted sea of internet bookmarks :)

  9. I also use it as a sort of "vision board" for what I'd like my life to look like, in a way. That sort of thing is mostly on my board "A Beautiful Life," although it's in other places as well (such as homes I love are under "where the heart is").

  10. @Stina, I use it similarly! Looking forward to checking out your boards.

  11. Love pinterest! I just started using it recently and I am addicted. I use it to help decorate my home and find recipes mainly. Especially since I just got married and we'd like to buy a new farmhouse soon! But I also use it for creative inspiration when the mood strikes! :)



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