Shop Update: Limited Editions

During my trip to New York earlier this month I got to make a quick stop at few of my favorite jewelry supply warehouses. I always like to stock up on vintage chains and new-to-me oddities when I get the chance.

Since my visit, I've been able to make a small batch of new jewelry designs which have landed their way into the Limited Editions section of the shop. This collection consists of jewelry incorporating many of the one of a kind antique and fine curiosities I come across. While a couple of these new favorites have already quickly found their new homes, I wanted to share them with you:

1. Vintage brass Remington shoe shaped "Goodwill Shoes" pocket knife souvenir pendant hanging from a vintage brass chain. Advertising tagline embossed on both sides reads: "For Hard Service and Long Wear" - Holliston, Mass. Goodwill Shoe Company also known as Arthur A. Williams Shoes (after its founder) specialized in leather shoes and steel toe "Safety First" boots. Among on of the earlier companies to produce such products at the time, it was one of the largest companies in manufacturing industrial boots by the 1930s. The company became bankrupt sometime in the mid 20th century. Built in 1909, the Goodwill Shoe Company factory resides on 26-28 Water Street, in Holliston, Massachusetts today.

2. Antique dark brass horse hoof doubling as a mini working pocket knife. Hoof hangs from a long vintage chain that slips right over the head. It almost looks as though it could have been handcrafted by a local artisan as a souvenir.

3. Rare antique Bakelite figural arm shaped pocket knife. Knife hangs from bail on a long delicate sterling silver chain. I've never come across a similar figural pocket knife like this unique arm shape.

4. Rare antique folding skeleton keys hanging from sparkling ball chains. These types of folding keys were made to fold so that you could put them in your pocket and were primarily used in schools, churches, and jails.

5. Victorian 1880's antique German figural chatelaine cigar fob cutter in the shape of a dancing lady hanging from a delicate sterling silver chain. Cigar fob cutting mechanism is manipulated by squeezing the fob at the head and feet, essentially bending her knees making the dancer curtsey as she cuts the cigarette.

Click each of the photos above for additional images and item details.

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