Limited Editions: Antique Coin Dispenser and Perfume Bottle

I wanted to document two new pieces for my limited edition line of jewelry that have already come and gone. This collection consists of jewelry incorporating many of the one of a kind antique and fine curiosities I come across.

1. Sterling silver necklace chain incorporating an antique 19th century German silver dispensing coin holder locket that was once part of a chatelaine. Chatelaines were typically worn by female housekeepers in the 1800's as a belted chain holding useful household tools like scissors, watches, keys, vinaigrettes, and more. Over time, the chatelaine evolved from a mostly utilitarian use into a status symbol for the wife to the house owner. This particular dispenser holds dime and penny sized coins - which in the 1800's was most likely a significant amount of money for the lady of the house.

2. Gold plated necklace chain incorporating green Swarovski crystals and an antique brass perfume bottle with dauber and rare seal. Vial unscrews from the dauber revealing a hollowed opening in the bottle pendant. This vial still contained remnants of the perfume scent it once held.

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  1. These are so cool and unique!

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