Study in Red

Ashley, a great friend, coworker, and photographer has been giving me both camera advice and teaching me little tips and tricks here and there. I don't think she'd mind me sharing this tip, so here goes:

To get a quirky and natural red glow just place your hand or finger over the flash on your camera while taking photos. I tried it out and here's what I came up with on my first try.

It's a great technique to use at night when a flash may be a little *too* harsh.

Clever, hey? Thanks Ashley!! Pin It

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  1. Hey there Ms. Contrary...I just got my silver acorn in the mail today. Your package job is so cute amazing adorable. You are too creative for words. Love my acorn. My 3 year old cannot stop feeling it whenever he is in my lap. Nice job. I'll have to do a blog post about it soon. Thanks again!


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