Business cards in a pinch

I had an event I needed to attend this weekend where my fork bracelets were on display and was completely out of my favorite moo cards that I use for my business cards. Since moo is located in the UK, I just scooped up a few different papers I've had laying around including menus I had from a french brasserie I used to work at. Then I cranked up my trusty old typewriter, shaped scissors and sewing machine. Finally, I just sewed all the components together with a simple stitch. Couldn't be simpler.

Each one is unique and I have a special spot in my heart for the ones where I actually messed up the typing.

Sometimes happy accidents can turn out better than one imagines. I have admit I like the look of these much better than my moo cards, but they are pretty labor intensive. It took me about 45 minutes to whip up 20 of them so they aren't really a cost effective tool for me at this time. But hey, what a great result when I was in a bind!

Here we are at the event, twas a fun evening for all. Pin It

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  1. I really like these! Too bad they are so time consuming - they might be great to give to purchase customers only - hmmm, ideas... thanks! :)


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