How To: DIY Chalkboard Wall

With chalkboard paints becoming increasingly more available, it couldn't be easier to transform a small space, or large for that matter, into the inspiration board of your dreams. Tim and I have the perfect cranny of a wall space leading into the kitchen which we revamped into a full size chalkboard. It's been a life-saving hub for our grocery lists, reminders, dates to remember, random musings, and love notes.

This was a great weekend project that took about 3 hours total with a 24 hour drying period. Follow the steps below to bring new life and functionality to a space in your own dwelling.

  • Chalkboard paint: local hardware or craft store
  • Paint brush
  • Paint roller
  • Paint tray
  • Painter's tape
  • Newsprint or paint tarp
  • Chalk
  • Optional: damp rag, spackle, sandpaper
step 1: Clean wall with damp rag. Wipe or let dry completely. Fill in any holes or cracks with spackle and smooth rough spots along wall with sandpaper.

step 2: Apply painter's tape along edges of wall where you plan to paint in order to create border and protect neighboring walls.

step 3: Apply 2-3 generous coats chalkboard paint along edges of wall with paint brush. Allow each coat to completely dry before applying next coat (or follow drying instructions on paint canister).

step 4: Apply 2-3 generous coats chalkboard paint to body of wall with paint roller. Allow each coat to completely dry before applying next (or follow drying instructions on paint canister).

step 5: Wait 24 hours before writing on wall with chalk.

step 6: Enjoy your new-found organizational solution and design sense. Pin It


  1. oh what a dreamy project you did! thanks for shearing!

    i want it, but have a little daughter and afraid of the chalk dust! :)

  2. Aw thanks! I completely understand about your daughter, but maybe when she gets older it could be a fun project for you to do together.

  3. i am sure she loves it! she loves all the painting stuffs and drawing!:)

  4. Nice Mary! The vintage-like quality of your photographs is lovely.

  5. Thanks so much Roxana, picnik.com is my dirty little secret. Feel free to try it out for your photos, it's completely free!

  6. what a great way to use your wall space. I had always thought about getting a dry erase board to write my to do list on. This is a much more creative and attractive then the dry erase board!

  7. Thanks Burnt Mill. Yes, better than a board, and an instant face-lift for an unused space. I hope you all will share some pics if you try it in your space!


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